Services Offered by Shepley Excavating

Services Offered by Shepley Road Maintenance

Commercial Site Servicing

This includes all site preparation prior to construction of the above ground structure such as the excavation and back-fill of all underground utilities in preparation for asphalt or concrete.

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Surface Treatment

Typically used on low traffic volume areas, surface treatment is the use of specially formulated emulsions along with stone to build a strong and durable roadway. Surface treatment is also beneficial on existing aged asphalt in order to extend the life of a road at a fraction of the cost.

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Road Construction

Road rehabilitation is the process of creating a new base by pulverizing an existing roadway to the necessary depth, followed by a road grader and compacting roller in order to get the desired slope and in place density. Along with road rehabilitation are many other road construction services such as sanitary, storm, water mains, bridge works projects and culvert installation or replacement.

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Rout and Seal

This flexible rubberized pavement sealer moves with pavement by expanding and contracting with the different temperatures we encounter. Routing is strongly suggested because it creates a proper reservoir to which the crack sealant material will comply with and have a long lasting effect in preventative maintenance.

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Asphalt Paving

A process by which an asphalt paver is used to apply hot asphalt to a prepared roadway. The free floating (self leveling) screed unit strikes the material to create a smooth mat and provides the initial compaction of the material. The roadway is then set with different types of rollers to ensure proper compaction, density and final appearance.

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Infrared Asphalt Repair

The process of heating the existing pavement by means of infrared heat rays, this in turn softens the existing asphalt so it can be easily reshaped. New aspahlt is then used to build and reshape the damaged area as needed and compacted.

Gravel Hauling

Along with serving our own companies gravel requirements we take pride in assisting other contractors and municipalities with their aggregate needs. Our fleet consists of dump trailers, bully dumps or hopper trailers and tri-axle dump trucks to better serve our customers.

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Bridge Deck Waterproofing

This process involves sandblasting of a new or existing concrete deck to remove any dirt and debris, then an asphalt primer can be applied. Once the primer has dried, a hot rubberized asphalt product is applied and covered with a fiberglass protection board. The process is designed to stop the intrusion of moisture from making contact with the concrete deck therefore enhancing the longevity and durability of the structure.

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